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New Zealand Glass - the Book

by Angela Bowey

2nd paperback Edition

INFORMATION about New Zealand Glass !
Including many original catalog pictures and dozens of photographs.
NOW available - this is the new second edition of this book and it covers the fascinating history of glass in New Zealand, the story of Crown Crystal Glass in New Zealand and in Australia, NZ bottles and an overview of contemporary New Zealand glass artists.

Available as a paperback or a Kindle book, which you can easily carry around with you.

The History of Glass in NZ
The fascinating story of the many attempts to make glass in New Zealand before the 20th century, and why they failed; the urgent need for a bottle factory in New Zealand and eventual success in 1922; the story of Crown Crystal glass, New Zealand's first and only successful glassware factory; and the rise of the studio glass movement in the late 20th century.
Crown Crystal Glass New Zealand
Included in this book are many pictures from catalogues and articles about Crown Crystal Glass, the only glassware factory which ever survived more than a few years in New Zealand. These catalogue pictures give you definitive information on the designs, patterns and colours made in New Zealand.
The Auckland Bottle Company
This chapter tells the story of the Auckland Bottle Company, which was opened in 1922 at Penrose, Auckland. The chapter includes many original photographs, details, and information not published before. A "must" for down-under bottle collectors.
Contemporary New Zealand Glass
Who are the major contemporary glass artists in New Zealand, and what do they make? This chapter has a separate section on each of New Zealand's major artists, with some superb pictures of their work.
Crown Crystal Glass Australia
A rare catalogue from some 50 years ago of Crown Crystal Glass produced in Australia included several items which are of special interest to collectors because they appear to be replicas of the products of other glassworks in other countries, notably the USA and the UK. This short chapter shows the catalogue pictures of these items and some very interesting catalogue pictures of Crown Crystal ceramic-coloured glassware.

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